Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Makes me proud to be English !

Darren Gray has been ordered to take down a flag of St George from his home — as it advertises England.

Council chiefs told the 27-year-old builder he needs an advertising licence to hang up his 10ft by 8ft emblem.

And if Darren, of Bedford, does not move it by February 17 he faces a £1,000 fine, rising by £100 a day if it stays up.

He said yesterday: “It’s Britain gone mad, yet again.

“I put the flag up last summer to support England in the World Cup and because I’m very proud of my country. What’s wrong with that?”

In a letter, Bedford council told Darren that flags hung on homes and not from poles need a licence. He said: “I phoned and asked what I’m supposed to be advertising and was told ‘England’. Well, since it went up no one has knocked at my door asking to buy England!”

Darren says he won’t remove the flag “on principle”.

A council spokesman said it wrote to Darren after receiving a complaint.


Anonymous said...

I bet the eejit that complained won't be stepping forward.

Good on this guy for standing up for his flag.

dom said...

I bet !

They should change the law on flags ... I'm always proud to fly mine ... stupid law/rule

do said...

So hang on we cant advertice our country in our country!

Suprised they used that and not it offends other countries like during 06 world cup lol