Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clocking off time

A landmark clock has stopped ticking months short of its 150th anniversary after rain affected its mechanisms. The town clock in Tredegar stopped after heavy rain in recent months seeped into its electric workings.

It is one of Blaenau Gwent's best known landmarks and people in the town are now trying to raise money to get the clock working again. Because the 72ft high clock is listed, restoration work could cost as much as £100,000.

Erected in 1858, the clock's four faces were designed to be seen from all areas of the town and it was placed for the convenience of workers of the iron works and coal mines in the area.

It was the idea of the wife of Mr RP Davies, the master of the ironworks.

"She thought it would be a good idea and her husband said if she could raise half the money, he would pay for the rest," explained Dr John Evans, town council clerk and local historian. Fundraising was going very well when she suddenly died and so Mr Davies used his own money to make up the shortfall to put the clock up in his wife's memory. It demonstrated the love he had for his wife who died at a fairly young age."

As the anniversary of the clock neared, a major restoration for the clock was planned. But before work could start, the clock suddenly stopped.

"Excessive rain penetrated the mechanisms and affected the electrics," said Dr Evans.

"So we are now trying to gather all the money we can and get grant aid to start work on it."


Anonymous said...

tick tock tick tock...ti

dom said...

Fkin eyesore if you ask me