Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DUI of a gym bike

Rhonda Sue Solomon was going nowhere fast at the gym. According to Rogersville police, Solomon was arrested after a drunken ride - on a stationary bike.

On Feb. 15, officers responded to a call about a women who "appeared very intoxicated" at a Gold Star Fitness gym, according to the police report.

When arresting officer James Hammonds arrived, he saw Solomon, 43, riding the bicycle. She "was very uncooperative and had an odor of alcohol about her," Hammonds said.

According to Hammonds, Solomon also "appeared to be having trouble pedaling."

He asked Solomon to step out to the front to speak with him.

"Upon exiting the bicycle she was observed very unsteady on her feet," the report said.

Hammonds said he then spoke to gym employees, who told him that several people had offered Solomon a ride home, but she refused.

He arrested Solomon, who now faces public intoxication charges.

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