Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Milk Sucks ?

An activist sucks on "Freeda the Cow" as part of Animal Liberation Victoria's "Milk Sucks" campaign in Melbourne, Australia. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the effects dairy farming can have on animals and the environment.

ALV activists Jamie Yew, Erik Gorton and Dave Bell took turns lying beneath Freeda and pretended to suckle her milk to illustrate just how unnatural it is for humans to drink cow milk and consume dairy products.

Crowds were simultaneously entertained, horrified and curious about the spectacle, many eager to understand the serious issues raised by the protest. ALV volunteers in t-shirts emblazoned with the signature “Milk Sucks” logo distributed hundreds of leaflets to stunned passers by, informing them of the cruelty dealt to cows by the dairy industry, it’s devastating effect upon the environment, and health concerns for humans.


Kim said...

Gah! They could have saved themselves a lot of trouble and just rented Tom Greene! Ughkkkk,blah! Can you imagine that fleshy thing in your mouth? All long and squishy, warm, hairy... Hey, wait a minute...

dom said...

No idea who Tom Greene is, but I think those weirdo's got their point across !