Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good job she wasn't wearing a skirt !

CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. -- It's been said that everybody puts on their pants one leg at a time. If so, little Mason Matthew Parkinson has a leg up on most people.

The 5 pound, 15 ounce Fayette County baby was born Wednesday before his mom, 24-year-old Rebecca Johnson could make it into Highlands Hospital in Connellsville.

Johnson told the Daily Courier in Connellsville that the birth happened so fast "I didn't know what happened until he was in my pant leg."

Johnson's mom was driving her to Uniontown Hospital, but on the way she told her mom to take her to the Connellsville hospital, which was closer, because her contractions were so intense.

She had just gotten out of the car and was still in the parking lot when her son arrived.

Doctors said Mason and mom are doing fine.

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