Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow Angel record

It`s official. North Dakotans poured out of their homes all across the state and came to the capital city to reclaim the state`s status as the snow angel capital of the world. But it`s not just North Dakotans who helped out. The cry for help spread to the furthest corners of the world, and people came from several countries, including South Africa and China. No matter where they were from, the result was the same - a new world record was set today.

The crowd counted down. "Three, two one!"

With that, it was official.

"8,910 is our initial tally," says Marily Snyder.

Marilyn Snyder of the state historical society had a goal. Regain the snow angel world record.

"Syracuse won`t touch us," she says. She knows Michigan would like to take it back.

"I think he would have to start borrowing kids to beat us and hopefully the parents won`t give it to him."

Parents did help out North Dakota`s attempt. Families came by the carload, from as far away as Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where, in case you were wondering, they don`t have snow.

"I think I`m really excited and every minute I wanna get out of the car and play in it," says Christian Metcalf, visiting from Florida.

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