Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pipe down !

A Highland pipe band has been given a health warning after it was found to be making more noise than a jet engine.

Members of the Wick Royal British Legion Scotland Pipe Band are being advised to wear ear protectors to prevent permanent hearing damage.

It comes after an audiologist visited a recent band practice as part of Healthy Highland Week.

The pipes were recorded at 108 decibels, but they were outdone by the snare drums which hit 122 decibels.

The level is noisier than the sound produced by a jet engine taking off.

Health and safety laws dictate action needs to be taken if noise levels exceed 90 decibels and the band has been warned they face a serious risk of lasting hearing damage without ear protection.

Band secretary John Bogle said they were concerned by the measurements.

He said the 40 band members and piping and drumming pupils had been advised to consider buying ear plugs designed for musicians.

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