Monday, April 30, 2007

107 yr-old car for sale

A piece of Scotland's motoring history is to go on sale at an auction of collectors' automobiles in London.

The 107-year-old Argyll car is one of the earliest models built at the firm's first factory in Bridgeton, Glasgow. The car, which has a five horse-power engine and a top speed of 25mph, is expected to fetch as much as £80,000.

It has not been driven for the past 68 years. The Argyll sat for 45 years in the living room of an eccentric artist from Dublin.

The Bonham's auction house sale is taking place at the RAF Museum at Hendon, Greater London. Scotsman Alexander Govan set up his motor car company in 1899 in Hozier Street, Bridgeton. He later moved to larger premises in Alexandria, Dunbartonshire.

Bonhams said the first owner was T Pictom Bradshaw of Dublin who accompanied the first leg of the Irish Motor Tour in the car in 1901.

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