Sunday, April 29, 2007

One-legged transvestite

A one-legged harp-playing transvestite has been evicted by council bosses after making neighbours’ lives a misery.Helen von Hessler, 64, who wears men’s clothes, also made a racket with her organ, guitar and drums until late at night.

She breached a court order banning her music 32 times.

Steven Lewis, who lived directly below her seventh-floor flat in Salford, Greater Manchester, said: “It was like walking into a concert every day. Sometimes it was one note being hit time and time again. She called us idiots and said we didn’t appreciate good music.

“I do appreciate good music — but not that racket.”

Ian Birt, who lives on the 12th floor, added: “It was horrendous.”

Ms Von Hessler failed to meet council officials and they applied for a possession order. She is believed to have moved to Reading, Berks.

Her defence was that she didn’t feel her music was loud and that people did not appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Helen Lesley Von Hessler wears women's clothes. She is a regular customer in the shop where I work. Just thought that should be cleared up...

dom said...

Thank you anon , and I'm sure he is a valued customer :)