Friday, April 27, 2007

Under the influence of stupidity

MOBILE, Alabama — There's no use crying over spilled milk, but spilled soda has been a nightmare for one man. Eric Burns Overstreet was put in jail in September after entering the Mystik Stop & Shop, paying for a fountain drink and spilling three cups of it onto the floor.

The first time he spilled the soda, Overstreet went to fetch a mop and began cleaning up the mess. In the process, he spilled a second and a third soft drink.

"He clearly appeared to be under the influence of something other than good sense," Chief Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson said.

Overstreet, who at one point put a yellow "Wet Floor" warning sign out as he mopped, was chased down by a clerk when he grabbed another soft drink and left without paying for it.

Overstreet pleading guilty last week to a reduced charge of third-degree theft. He was given a one-year suspended sentence and ordered to stay out of the Mystik Stop & Shop.

Circuit Judge Rick Stout, noting that Overstreet had spent many months in jail over a carbonated beverage, said he hoped the soda was good.

Overstreet responded: "I should've had a V-8."


Anonymous said...

I don't get it? What happened to Free Refills?

dom said...

I believe the idea is to drink them, not throw 'em on the floor :)