Sunday, April 29, 2007

Piggin' stupid !

A baker has been forced to rename her novelty pig tarts - because they don't contain any pork.

Val Temple, who runs Sgt Bun Bakery, Weymouth, says officers from Dorset's trading standards department also told her she must swap the name of robin tarts as they are not made from robins.

And she claims she was instructed to rename her paradise slice because ... it's not from paradise. Mrs Temple has made the novelty cakes in the shape of pigs and robins as a treat for her customers for years.

She said: "It's a joke. The officers came in and said they had had a complaint and I must change the names because they didn't contain pork, robin or paradise. It's an insult to the public. Of course they don't contain pig, robin or paradise. The trading standards officers have been coming into this shop for 26 years and now the name has been picked up. It's absolutely ridiculous. Are they going to start banning Christmas cake because it doesn't have Jesus in it? You could apply it to everything. It's so silly. And as for the paradise slice, that recipe is 120 years old and it's always been known as Paradise Slice. They said they were going to come back in and check, so I've changed the names now. But people are still coming in and calling them by their proper names."

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