Thursday, April 26, 2007

Update Cheddarvision

A large English cheddar cheese has become a star of the Internet, attracting more than 1 million viewers to sit and stare as it slowly ripens.

First placed in front of a webcam in late December, the Westcombe cheddar from West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers gained the public's attention in early February and has since attracted viewers from 119 countries.

"The hits went over 1 million this morning. It has been a real challenge keeping the cheese up and running with all the interest it has generated," said a spokesman for the company running the website.

Viewers have tuned in from as far afield as Albania and New Zealand, although most are from the United States.

A US school has even sent in pictures of two crocodiles to guard the cheese.

"The whole idea was to show people how real food is made - and it seems to be working," cheesemaker Tom Calver said.

"It takes a year for the cheese to mature. This is not fast food. It is slow food."


Anonymous said...

As fun as watching paint dry. No, oh wait, you can eat this afterwards! Okay, so it has its perks. I love cheese!

dom said...

It was fascinating last month.... they turned it over !! The site nearly crashed with the visits :)