Thursday, April 19, 2007

Keep right !!

FLERS, France: Police in a small town in Normandy have launched a poster campaign to remind British tourists and expatriates which side of the road to drive on.

The town of Flers' English-language posters read, "For your safety, keep right on French roads," and they have been put up in restaurants, hotels and campgrounds. Police also printed 3,000 stickers so British families who live in town can put the message on their car dashboards.

Thousands of British families and retirees have moved to this area of northern France, within easy driving distance of ferries that head to Britain.

"In this region, highly valued by the British, there have been, in less than two years, two deadly accidents caused by English drivers driving on the left," said Lt. Eric Turmet of the local police. "We had to act to avoid further tragedies."


Anonymous said...

Am I going to have to put this note in your lunchbox everyday in the states?

dom said...

I hope so, lunchbox means an entirely different thing in the UK .... Google Lynford's lunchbox :)