Friday, April 20, 2007

Nicked after 27 years

NZ - The law finally caught up with Maxwell George Thomas yesterday – albeit almost 27 years late.

Thomas made a voluntary appearance in the Invercargill District Court yesterday on a charge of assault with intent to injure, alleged to have happened on June 3, 1979.

Defence counsel Kate McHugh told Judge Graeme Noble in the Invercargill District Court yesterday it was only when Thomas was stopped by police in Dunedin last week he became aware of the charge.

A warrant for his arrest was issued on first call on June 7, 1979, although it appeared Thomas had never been summonsed to court and the warrant had never been activated, she said. "He was 26 at the time the alleged offending occurred and he is now 52."

Thomas had moved to Brisbane in 1993 but returned to New Zealand every year during the muttonbird season. No plea was entered as police were now on the hunt for the file which Ms McHugh said was in a "deep, dark vault somewhere".

Acting Sergeant Glen McMurdo said they would need some time to locate the file and make a decision on whether they would proceed with the charge.

Thomas was remanded at large for a further three weeks until May 11.


Debbie said...

What a rebel. In the states, he would have gotten 10-20 no questions asked. Free country and all....

dom said...

I reckon they should let him off.
What do you mean Free ? ... everytime I've been there you have to pay for everything! I mean 7 bucks for a small beer with a big froth at the airport !! jeez!