Saturday, May 26, 2007

14 holes in one this year

The one thing Jacqueline Gagne lacked in her remarkable story of against-all-odds holes in one was some kind of widespread visual proof.

Until now.

Gagne, whose 10 holes in one since January have become the stuff of golf myth and international media interest, hit an ace on Tuesday while the cameras were rolling. A cameraman from KESQ-TV in Palm Springs captured visual proof of her feat, relieving Gagne of a burden she has carried since news of her ace streak between Jan. 23 and May 2 made believers of some, but skeptics of many more.

"When ABC came out and I got it on tape, I really did feel like a weight had been lifted," Gagne said. "I had proven it."

That videotape got a lot of play Wednesday, appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America" and repeated throughout the day on "CNN Headline News."

While Gagne says the taped ace was a "godsend," officials at SilverRock Golf Resort in La Quinta, Calif., are working to nail down witnesses for a recent Gagne claim of two more aces in a single round at that course some time in late April or early May.

"Management is still trying to verify the validity of the holes in one," said Randy Duncan, general manger and director of golf at SilverRock. Duncan said such verification is a standard practice for aces at SilverRock.

Even without official verification of the SilverRock aces, which would raise her total to 12 in 2007, Gagne has 10 witnessed and attested aces this year in regulation rounds of golf. In recent weeks Gagne has tried to keep a relatively low profile, talking to media around the world while shielding her friends and witnesses from a barrage of questions about her claims.


Debbie said...

I should hope she's also playing the lottery.

dom said...

I watched her golf swing and it ain't what you call conventional .... so she's riding a lot of luck rather than skill :)