Monday, May 28, 2007

Cake compensation

After a marathon legal battle that has lasted nearly ten years, a couple in the Philippines have finally lost in their attempt to sue a pastry shop because they didn't like their wedding cake.

The couple, Edgardo and Stephanie Abenina, claimed that the wedding cake (five tiers, in orange chiffon) was 'tawdry-orange' in colour and was leaning wonkily to the side.

They said that the humiliation of the tawdry cake caused them after their wedding in June 1997 anxiety, anguish and sleepless nights. They sought £545 (50,000 Philippine pesos) in compensation for the damages they suffered.

However, after almost a decade of legal wrangling, an appeal court has upheld an earlier ruling against their claim – pointing out that in the wedding photos, the cake appears to be fine, the couple were smiling while cutting it, and that it was partially eaten.

They did however award the couple the £52 (4,775 pesos) that the cake cost.

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