Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hangover Bangers

An award-winning butcher has come up with two special Scottish sausages which are being tipped as the perfect hangover cure - Iron Brew bangers.

The soft drink, Irn Bru, is often used to ease hangovers, along with fry-ups. Stuarts of Buckhaven are launching the Pork Iron Brew Banger and the Pork Sweet Chilli Iron Brew Banger in Fife.

Barr, which produces Irn Bru, has given the saugages its blessing but has insisted the firm uses another spelling to protect its trademark. Stuarts created the sausages to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary.

The sausages, which will be formally launched next Tuesday, received good reviews while being trialled at the company's shops in Leven, Lundin Links and Buckhaven.

Alan Stuart, Stuarts managing director, came up with the idea one morning while showering.

"I don't know why, but all my best ideas seem to come to mind in the shower," he said. "I had been thinking about producing something memorable with a Scottish twist to mark our 150th anniversary.

"We won the World Scotch Pie Championship last November which was a wonderful way to kick-start our celebratory year and we felt we needed a special new product which could be developed into a really big seller in the future."

He said that after settling on the original Pork and Iron Brew Banger, test results were "outstanding". So the decision was taken to create a more "exotic" sausage - the Pork Sweet Chilli and Iron Brew Banger.

Mr Stuart, who has 19 outlets in Fife, said the company had already received a number of orders. "We all believe we are onto a real winner with this product which will appeal to all ages," he said.

"Youngsters will like it because of the novelty appeal, young adults will warm to it because it is whacky and can be used in a fry-up the morning after a night out, and older people will love them because of the taste. It's a winner, we believe, all ways round and, since we trialled the sausages, we've had a stream of requests from customers asking when they will be back on sale."


Dx said...

Leave our "Other National Drink" alone.

dom said...

Yummmm deep fried Mars bars and Irn Bru bangers ... Most Scots only dream of such luxuries :)

Dx said...

We don't dream of them. They are an integral part of our diet. I remember a discussion about a year ago on Radio Scotland when the interviewer was speaking to someone from health promotions about eating portions of fruit every day. The interviewer, however, couldn't respond to the final, rhetorical question which was, "How do you get a melon into a deep fat fryer?"