Thursday, May 17, 2007

These people judge us ?????

A JUDGE stunned a court yesterday by admitting he did not know what a WEBSITE was.

Judge Peter Openshaw brought a shuddering halt to the trial of three men accused of internet terror offences as a witness was being quizzed about an extremist web forum.

He told shocked prosecutors at Woolwich Crown Court, South East London: “The trouble is I don’t understand the language. I don’t really understand what a website is.”

Prosecutor Mark Ellison then tried to help the judge by explaining. But confused Judge Openshaw, 59, said: “I haven’t quite grasped the concepts.”

Later he said he hoped a computer expert would give “simple” evidence when called to the stand — because otherwise he would not understand it. Judge Openshaw said: “Will you ask him to keep it simple? We’ve got to start from basics.”

The bizarre exchange came during the trial of Younes Tsouli, 23, Waseem Mughal, 24, and Tariq al-Daour, 21. Each denies a string of charges under the Terrorism Act, including inciting another person to commit an act of terrorism “wholly or partly” outside Britain.

Tsouli and Mughal also deny conspiracy to murder.

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