Monday, May 28, 2007

Slumming it

A LANDLORD has been sentenced to house arrest in one of his derelict buildings until he makes proper repairs.

A judge in Lakewood Municipal Court ordered Richard Naumann to live in his apartment building, which has no heating, hot water or working stoves, until proper repairs have been carried out on the two tenement buildings he owns, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Mr Naumann, who will only be allowed to leave the building for work, will be tagged with an electronic monitoring device on his ankle to ensure he abides by the judge's order.

Naumann also must turn over all rent money to Lakewood courts beginning June 1. Tenants and the gas company can petition the court for reimbursement for rent and unpaid gas bills, Corrigan said.

Court records show that gas service was cut off more than a month ago at Naumann's apartment buildings on Lake and Robinwood avenues. The city also is investigating gas shutoff complaints at two other buildings.

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