Thursday, April 03, 2008

A bridge too far

The daughter of Earl Spencer, the brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, missed her favourite team's Premiership football match after a sat-nav took her to the wrong Stamford Bridge.

She was picked up from the Althorp estate near Northampton and wanted to go 75 miles (120km) to Chelsea's ground at Stamford Bridge in London.

The taxi driver put "Stamford Bridge" into his sat-nav and drove off.

Instead of watching the Chelsea-Arsenal game on Easter Sunday, they ended up 200 miles away in a Yorkshire village.

The village of Stamford Bridge has a population of about 3,500 and is famous for The Battle of Stamford Bridge, where King Harold of England defeated his brother Tostig and Harald Hardrada of Norway here on 25 September 1066. After which the English (Saxon) army had to turn round and march 350 miles to Hastings to meet William of Normandy.

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