Saturday, April 05, 2008

Meet Honey Monster

A cereal-mad office worker has shocked friends and family by changing his name to Honey Monster.

Peter Thomas, 31, has eaten at least one bowl of Sugar Puffs a day since he was nine - even taking boxes on holiday with him so he didn't miss out on his daily treat.

Yesterday he got confirmation that his new name is now Honey Monster, like the cereal's promotional mascot, after taking delivery of the official deed poll certificate which cost him £34.

Peter, or Honey as he is now known, also got his first credit card in his new name and plans to stock up on 20 boxes of the sugary treat with his first purchase.

He said: "I've loved Sugar Puffs since I was a kid. I used to tape all the adverts and watch them over and over again. It drove my mum and dad mad." Speaking about the ribbing he is getting for changing his name, he said: "All my mates think I'm mad but I don't care. It's the most original name there is. Even the guy inside the monster outfit has a different name but I'm the real Honey Monster now."

He decided to change his name when one of his friends jokingly suggested he might as well be the Honey Monster because of the amount of Sugar Puffs he gets through.

The Brighton-based insurance worker said: "As soon as my friend said it, I thought, That's a good idea. Why not?' My mum and dad think I'm crazy but I love the name."

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