Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"I've been driving for 76 years, when I fell asleep at the wheel"

A 93-year-old driver who had not had an accident in 76 years but caused £60,000 worth of damage to two Porsche cars has spoken of his "miracle" escape. Jack Higgs was uninjured when his Ford Fiesta hit a Carrera II then flipped over onto a Porsche 911 outside a showroom in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan.

He was found hanging upside down by his seatbelt in his overturned Fiesta. The former Pentecostal minister, who lives next door to the showroom, has now decided to quit driving.

Mr Higgs said he could not explain how he managed to lose control of his 13-year-old car and smash into the Porsches. One of the elite cars was a write-off while the other was badly damaged and will need extensive repairs. Both cars were privately owned and were in the garage for servicing.

Mr Higgs' Fiesta, worth £600, was also a write-off. The cost of his accident was estimated at £60,000, which will be met by his insurance company.

"I've been driving since I was 17, have a clean licence and have never even picked up so much as a parking ticket," said Mr Higgs. He said he would be relying on the bus service and lifts to get him around from now on.

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