Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Babies and toddlers aren’t best known for their ability to stop and go on command. This results in them spending much of their time using their head as the brake for most of their unexpected manoeuvres.

According to the DTI, there a 500,000 reports of child head injuries each year. What do you do?

Meet the Thudguard, a helmet specifically designed to make sure your little Einstein doesn’t damage their brain along the way to learning how to walk and run. It’s targeted at kids aged from 7 months to 2-years old.

Developed by a Scottish mother of three, the Thudguard is made from “impact tested protective foam” to reduce the severity of bumps and thuds.

It’s lightweight so as not to strain a toddler’s neck muscles, ventilated and easily adjustable. The helmet covers most of the head and has been tested to comply with DTI safety standards.

Available in blue for boys and lilac for girls, the Thudguard costs £20.

And yes, if you send your child to crèche wearing one of these, it will be singled out and bullied. More here

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