Monday, April 21, 2008

Cheapest beers of the world

Ale lovers have found the world’s cheapest beer – costing an incredible 16c A PINT. But the bad news for boozers is they must travel to war-torn Somalia, troubled Congo, or the remote Pacific islands of Tuvalu to get it.

A new website called collects info from drinkers around the world.

Other beery bargains include Ethiopia (40c a pint), Vietnam (66c) and the Philippines (70c), although stag parties will find little else on offer in communist North Korea (64c).

At the other end of the scale, Monaco’s bars are most expensive at an average $15.05 a pint. Next dearest is Guadaloupe ($12), then Norway ($10.58) and France ($9.44).

A pint of beer in the United States costs an average $4.65, says the website.

A drinks industry source said: “OK, beer might be cheap in Somalia, but you’d probably get shot if you went there. Congo isn’t exactly safe either. As for Tuvalu, there are virtually no jobs except fishing, and the islands risk being wiped off the face of the earth as sea levels rise. If anyone deserves a cheap pint, it’s them.”

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