Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shower suit

A clothing manufacturer has designed a suit that washes in the shower, and dries in time for the next day in the office. And even better, the suit does not require ironing.

The Shower Clean Suit bills itself as the first wool, non-iron suit that can be rinsed under a normal shower stream to remove all the dirt, stains and odours that build up during a working day.

It even carries a designer label - London tailor John Pearse. Made under licence in Japan the suit was introduced as a solution to the problem of long, hot summers during which businessmen still like to remain crisply suited and booted.

Produced in partnership between Japanese menswear retailer and Australian Wool Innovation Ltd, the special fabric blend includes polyester and has two special finishes that help to maintain its shape.

The same team have already come up with a rain suit, which repels water and oil and a super non-wrinkle suit. smog, dirt, smoke, smells and stains from food apparently wash away after a few minutes rinsing under a 40C shower.

Washable suits are already available, but Konaka says its Shower Clean line of business suits are one-of-a-kind.

The firm's Web site shows how to clean them: Reverse the jacket and pants, put them on clothes hangers and douse with warm water for a few minutes to clean the inside.

Repeat the process to clean the outside and drip-dry.

Unfortunately for all those businessmen hoping to scrap trips to the dry cleaners, the suit is only available in Japan.

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