Friday, April 11, 2008

Underpants record

Tom Arnold aided a successful Guinness Book Of Records attempt on late night TV in America on Wednesday night (09Apr08) by helping dress a parking lot security guard.
Jimmy Kimmel Live comedy sidekick Guillermo, who plays a car park attendant on the show, attempted to become the first man to stand upright wearing 100 pairs of underpants.

Arnold, who was a guest on the show, helped the Latino step into various colours and designs of Y-fronts as Guinness bosses looked on. Guinness official Stuart Claxton confirmed Guillermo would be entered into the record books for "Wearing The Most Pairs Of Underwear Simultaneously".

At one point it looked as if Guillermo would fail in his attempt after pulling on 50 pairs of underpants - the sheer weight of the garments put him off balance and he had to be supported by show assistants.

Arnold helped him put on the last three pairs.

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