Monday, April 16, 2007

Fan gets wet, ,seeks compensation

Australian Football League officials at first thought a $1500 compensation claim from a football fan who got wet at a rain-soaked match was a prank.

Ben Bain was one of 6380 fans who were drenched when monsoonal rains hit a pre-season match between AFL heavyweights Brisbane Lions and St Kilda in Cairns.

But unlike the rest of the fans who put the experience down to bad luck, Mr Bain and his partner Yolanda McNarn are asking for compensation worth $1498.

The pair, who were seated outside, were not allowed to raise an umbrella during the match and could not purchase a poncho at the ground.

Mr Bain said he and Ms McNarn expected their $51 grandstand seats to be undercover and were misled "through advertising and overprised (sic) tickets".

Their night had been ruined, he said, and accused AFL Cairns of violating its duty of care.

Mr Bain, a cabling engineer who recently moved from Melbourne, said last week he hoped a mediation session scheduled for tomorrow could see the issue "sorted amicably".

"I don't want to make a big deal of it at this stage," he told The Cairns Post.

Mr Bain has asked the AFL for two tickets and return airfares to Melbourne to watch another game, as well as cab transfers and accommodation.

In addition, he has claimed for a $50 bet he was unable to place on Brisbane to win the NAB Cup match because the ground's TAB agency was closed unexpectedly.

The AFL offered Mr Bain and Ms McNarn two reserved seats to any premiership match whenever they are in Melbourne but rejected his compensation claim.

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