Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oooops !

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When Laurel and Hardy did it, everyone laughed. But when removal men bungled the delivery of a real-life grand piano costing tens of thousands of pounds, no one was smiling.

The 9ft 6in long Bosendorfer slipped from their grasp, rolled off the back of their lorry and fell 8ft down an embankment, sounding, according to one witness, 'like ten honky-tonk pianos being hit by mallets'.

One of the men clutched his head as the piano, which weighs three-quarters of a ton and - until that moment - had 10,000 moving parts and 97 keys, came to rest upside down.

The disaster happened in front of horrified organisers of the Two Moors music festival in Devon, who had spent two years raising £45,000 to buy the piano. It was due to be the centre-piece of classical performances but is almost certainly beyond repair.
Penny Adie, the artistic director, caught the piano's dramatic demise as she took photos of its delivery in Sandway, Devon.

She said: "Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then, without warning, the instrument veered away from the men unloading it, sped up and flipped on to the ground. Now we are totally devastated. This was the Rolls-Royce of pianos and it is unlikely we'll get our hands on another one."

The Adies are negotiating with their insurance company and the removal firm, Londonbased G&R Removals, over compensation for the piano and a temporary replacement.

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