Tuesday, April 01, 2008

France to adopt the British pound

In a shock announcement from the Louvre, Paris, the French financial Minister, Jaques Merde described how France would be joining forces with Germany to adopt a new monetary system, the GB Pound (£)

In a press conference this morning Monsieur Merde explained the change ....

"For years we have been struggling to keep up with the stability of the Euro, whilst watching the British bask in the glory of their fabulous Pound. Time has come for us to enjoy that too"

He went on to say "Last week I payed 5 Euros for a baguette, which is ridiculous! I know in Walmart, London, you can get a baguette fresh from the shelves for only £1 ! As for escargot, I'm not even going to go there".

He went on to explain how, when on a skiing holiday with Andrea Merkel (the German Fuhrer) they watched in amazement as a Brit handed over only £2 for a mink coat & got change!

The populations of France and Germany will be told later on today how to swap over to the new currency. The most popular method will be to "weigh in" their coinage at Municipal Metal stations, where the price of the metal is 12 times greater than the value of the old Euro coin; they will of course be payed in £s.

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