Saturday, April 07, 2007

Two doggy paddle race

CAMBRIDGE have won the 153rd Boat Race, defeating their rival Oxford by just over a length.

The Light Blues won in a time of 17 minutes 49 seconds in a close contest.

Cambridge now have 79 victories to Oxford's 73, with one dead heat.

Having lost the toss, favourites Cambridge failed to pull away in the opening part of the race and by the halfway point were still neck and neck with Oxford.

But in the closing stages Cambridge’s weightier crew managed to put clear water between them and the Dark Blues.

Around 250,000 spectators turned out to see Cambridge win by a length and a quarter - their first victory in three years.


yellowdog granny said...

who were you rooting for?

oh,'s not football, so you probably didn't care..ha

dom said...

You're right ... I din't give a shit