Saturday, June 23, 2007

Accident waiting to happen

Motorists are going round the bend after a barmy artist spent taxpayers cash on putting up ten random road signs at a busy junction.

The "art" installation - part of a series of outdoor shows which pocketed a £50,000 grant from the Arts Council - has been slammed as "ridiculous" and "dangerous" by drivers and transport chiefs.

The artwork, which includes signs such as one-way, mini-roundabout, no entry and 30mph, was erected on a busy ring-road in Ashford, Kent this week. Driving instructor David Somerville, who regularly takes his pupils out on the road, said the art was causing havoc.

He said: "It is horrendous. If that is meant to be art it's a load of rubbish. The signs are totally confusing and drivers - especially learners - don't need additional distractions. That junction is confusing enough anyway."

Resident Ann Steare agreed, adding: "I have seen drivers slam on the brakes to stop and stare at it. They don't know which of the signs to obey. It is amazing that it was allowed in the first place. It's going to cause an accident if its not taken down immediately. It seems like any old rubbish can be called art these days."

The council said it was looking into the work by artist Michael Pinsky and the possibility of scrapping it altogether.


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