Monday, June 18, 2007

Car cramming

A group of Lancashire scouts have crammed themselves into a car in a wacky bid to set a new world record.

Records for squeezing as many people as possible into a Mini or phonebox have been chased by many fun-loving souls down the years, with the current record for cramming into a classic Mini an incredible 21.

Now scouts from Central Ribbleton, 4th Fulwood Methodist, Our Lady and St Edwards, 8th Fulwood, and 5th Preston St Cuthberts have set an unofficial record of their own as the organisation celebrates its centenary year.

A staggering 29 boys held their breath and squeezed, not into a Mini, but instead into a rather aptly-named Skoda Roomster Scout at a dealership in the city.

Sadly, this is unlikely to be recognised as an official world record, as at present Guinness World Records only recognises 'car cramming' for three models. The classic Mini, the new Mini (which has accommodated 22) and a Smart car (which somehow had space for 14 people).

Amarilis Espinoza of Guinness World Records said: "We can't open the cramming category for all models of cars as if we did we would have hundreds and hundreds.

"People need to think that records are standardised, measurable and breakable. Anyone who wants to set up a new record or break an existing record needs to think about these parameters."

Neil Simpson of Simpsons Skoda in Brook Street has challenged other dealerships to beat the record. He added: "Before the event we had a sweepstake. We guessed between 15 and 20, so we were surprised by how many we did fit in. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a great laugh."

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