Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Janitor shines on the piano

A janitor's hidden talent as a virtuoso pianist has been discovered at a leading Scots university.

Aleksander Kudajczyk, 28, from Katowice in Poland, cleans corridors at Glasgow University but was overheard playing concert-standard pieces. He had asked to use a piano in the University chapel and staff watched him play using a webcam.

Chaplaincy secretary Joan Keenan said his music was so amazing that colleagues also logged on to watch. Since the revelation, Mr Kudajczyk has been allowed to practice for up to six hours a day at the university.

On Tuesday, he will play a concert of Chopin pieces during Glasgow's West End Festival, his second public performance during the event.

Ms Keenan said: "Until Aleksander started playing, no-one had any idea of his ability. When I first logged on to hear him, I couldn't believe it - he was playing the most amazing music. We were just totally amazed. He was really nervous playing his first concert, but everybody loved him. I am just really happy that this might set him on the right road."

Mr Kudajczyk, who learned to play the piano when he was four, still works as a cleaner at Glasgow University.

Before arriving in Scotland about six months ago, he worked as a professional musician in Poland.


Dx said...

I'm off to Glasgow Uni for an interview for a cleaner's job. No telling what talents they may discover in me. Hoovering probably.

dom said...

I've watched that, I am quite adept at lifting my feet at the right moments, but it's far too technical for me, that hoovering lark!

Good luck.