Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hole in wrong one

Clive Seymour had a hole in one — on the wrong hole. Clive, 72, sliced his drive on the first hole at Hele Park in Newton Abbot, Devon, so badly it went straight into the cup on the fourth.

Three stunned golfers approaching the fourth green watched as his ball landed ahead of them. Clive, who has a handicap of 24, said yesterday: “I’m afraid slicing is one of my problems.

“I really got hold of the drive but it went to the left, flew over some saplings and to the left of a big oak tree. I didn’t see where it disappeared but three lads on the fourth said it went straight in the hole. You could have knocked me down with a feather.”

Retired carpenter Clive, of Paignton, added: “People are saying I’ve scored the world’s first hole-in-the-wrong-one.”

Club director Duncan Arnold said: “It was unconventional, but still impressive. A hole in one — at any hole — is still a dream for many golfers.”


Dx said...

I'd settle for a hole-in-six.

dom said...

Me too !
Once whilst playing a solo round I caught up with a man looking for a lost ball, who waved me through. From the tee I sliced the ball badly missing his crouched body by mm! I quickly took another shot and proceeded, with him oblivious to the fact I'd almost decapitated him :)