Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Turning the place over

To help celebrate Liverpool's title of European Capital Of Culture 2008, sculptor Richard Wilson has constructed "Turning the Place Over", an art installation on the facade of the derelict former Yates's Wine Lodge building. Wilson removed an egg-shaped section of the front and reattached it on a pivot so that the panel will rotate, giving passersby the chance to peek inside. The £450,000 installation officially launches on June 20 and will continue to operate until the end of the year.

Co-commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company and Liverpool Biennial, co-funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency and The Northern Way, and facilitated by Liverpool Vision, the project is a stunning trailblazer for Liverpool’s Year as European Capital of Culture 2008, and the jewel in the crown of the Culture Company’s public art programme.


Dx said...

This happens every time I try to open my everest double glazing. I didn't know I could have applied for funding.

dom said...

Reminds me of my Nan, may she rest in peace, with her spoonerisms. She had a lovely Dildo rail going up the stairs, and she was always having to wipe off the compensation from her double glazing.

Dx said...

Brilliance from your Nan