Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Egg add banned

Reruns of a TV commercial from the 1950s which urged viewers to "go to work on an egg" have been banned.

An advertising watchdog said the slogan went against the principal of eating a varied diet.

The Egg Information Service had wanted to screen the advert, which featured legendary comedian Tony Hancock, to mark its 50th birthday. Author Fay Weldon, who headed the team which came up with the slogan, has described the decision as absurd.

The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) defended its decision, insisting that the adverts did not suggest a varied diet.

BACC spokesman Kristoffer Hammer said: "Dietary considerations have been at the centre of the new rules for advertising and in consideration of this we felt that these adverts did not suggest a varied diet. The concept of eating eggs every day for breakfast goes against what is now the generally accepted advice of a varied diet and we therefore could not approve the ads for broadcast."

British Egg Information Service spokesperson Amanda Cryer said: "We have been shocked by this ruling as eggs are a healthy, natural food which are recommended by nutritionists. What's more, there are no restrictions on the number of eggs people can eat, which was recently confirmed by the Food Standards Agency, and between five and seven eggs a week would be totally acceptable for most people."

Ms Cryer added: "In addition, many other advertisers clearly promote their products to be eaten every day such as breakfast cereals so we are very surprised that eggs have been singled out in this way."


Dx said...

What about, "Go to work on something different every day, including an egg sometimes".

Certainly captures the spirit of what the watchdog wants BUT do you think it's catchy enough?

dom said...

Cereal firms do it, they say a bowl of shittyflakes a day gives you all the stuff you need for a regular poo.

Maybe they should change too and say the occasional bowl, or an egg or 3 cans of Kestrel Super each morning ...