Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shaken and definitely "stirred"

A drunk Russian woman had to be pulled out of a newly-laid road after she fell into a concrete mixer and then into a pool of drying asphalt.

Elena Pavlovna, 43, had been walking home after a lunchtime session with pals in the town of Kemerovo.

She saw her path was blocked by machinery left by workers who were taking a break from resurfacing a road and tried to step over the machinery.

But she slipped and fell into a concrete mixer which had been left on and after a few minutes of being twirled around inside with the concrete mix she was "poured" out onto a pool of asphalt.

As she struggled to get out of the asphalt mix she slipped further into it until only her head was sticking out. She was pulled out by rescue workers who were called by workmen when they came back from their break.


Dx said...

Now that's what I call a business lunch.

dom said...

I fall asleep if I drink at lunch-time, which is not a good idea when I drive all day !

Dx said...

I fall asleep simply because I go to work in the morning. Must get it seen to.