Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blind drunk driver

When police arrested a man for drink-driving, they found he was BLIND. Peter Tassi, 45, was pulled over in his silver Volvo when officers spotted him driving at a snail’s pace in the dark.

The charity worker — who wears dark glasses and uses a white stick — failed a breath test. He had been barred from the road because of his deteriorating eyesight but could not resist getting behind the wheel because “he likes driving so much”, a court heard.

His lawyer admitted to JPs in Nottingham: “He is almost blind in his right eye and is partially sighted in his left eye — but it is getting worse all the time.”

Tests showed the road menace had 88mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. The limit is 80mg. When he was stopped in Sherwood, Notts, it was the SIXTH time he had been caught over the limit. Last year he was hit with a ten-year ban.
Charities sent references to the court saluting his work for blind people. But magistrates heard he had a “serious drink problem”.

He also suffered from memory loss after being attacked by a relative. His nephew had thrown a trowel at him, hitting him on the forehead. Tassi, of Daybrook, Nottingham, admitted drink-driving, having no insurance and driving while banned. He was ordered to attend a drying out clinic and will be sentenced in six months.

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Anonymous said...

It was nice of them to throw in the trowel story so we could understand it better.