Sunday, December 16, 2007

Anyone missing a foot?

New Zealand Police have been fielding several calls from the public suggesting possible owners of the severed foot found on Sumner Beach on Sunday morning. Detective Sergeant Will McIvor said police were hoping pathologist findings would be concluded this afternoon to help give clues as to the owner of the foot.

Police were hoping to match the foot found inside a sock to its owner from their missing person files.

"We are getting some response from the public about what's been found and possible people who are missing that it could be. There are no strong leads at this stage but we are working on it."

An off-duty policewoman walking her dog found the foot on the beach, opposite Stokes Street, at 6am on Sunday morning. The foot looked like a man's right foot, McIvor said.

"The pathologist is looking at it and will try to give us an idea as to how long it's been severed from the body. From there we will be able to look at missing person files and hopefully find which file to look at."

The pathologist pointed out to officers the foot could have been severed from the body for months as the sock would have given it some protection from sea life, McIvor said.


yellowdog granny said...

my friends husband has a wooden foot and leg up to his knee..he was going down some steps once and his foot broke off from the leg and shot across the room and freaked everyone out...

dom said...

I bet he was hopping mad!