Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Miracle Button

PLYMOUTH, England -- A British woman who believes prayer healed her damaged hip had trouble getting her benefits stopped because the government does not recognize miracles.

June Clarke told the Daily Mail she felt bad receiving disability benefits when she was no longer disabled. But officials told her she had received a permanent disability designation after she slipped on a wet floor in 2001, causing severe damage to her hip, spine and pelvis.

The computer apparently was not programmed for her stated manner of recovery.

"They said: 'We haven't got a button to push that says miracle,'" Clarke told the newspaper.

Eventually, Clarke was examined by a government doctor. He said he did not understand what had cured her -- but pronounced her cured.

Clarke lives in Plymouth where her husband, Stuart, is pastor of the Hooe Baptist Church. She said she regained the use of her legs in January while attending a Christian conference and after years of prayer from her husband.


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I say good on her, a lot of folks woulda carried on claiming benefits!