Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spot the house

It might look like Cruella de Vil's ideal home but the owners painted this house black and white in memory of their beloved Dalmatian.

Goran Tomasic, 52, and his wife Karmen, 35, were distraught when Bingo the Dalmatian died after being hit by a car.

But they were determined to let everyone know how much they loved Bingo.

Mr Tomasic, from Pribislavec, northern Croatia, said: 'At first we were afraid of what the neighbours would say, but we loved Bingo so much we had to do it. We wanted everyone to know what he meant to us and for his memory to live on.'

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yellowdog granny said...

gee, a nice head stone on his grave wouldn't have done it?...dang