Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thief repays 15yr old thefts

A Turkish thief has sent a letter of repentance to police over four car robberies 15 years ago, enclosing money to repay for stolen cassette players, police said Tuesday.

The thief, who remained anonymous, sent the letter to the security department in Kirikkale, central Turkey. He also enclosed 400 euros (590 dollars), local police chief Salim Akca told Anatolia news agency.

The thief detailed the four robberies committed in 1992, instructed police to give 100 euros each to the car owners and asked for their forgiveness, Akca said.

"I hope this incident will be an example for all criminals," he said.

The police traced three of the owners and gave them the money. They failed to track the fourth person and donated the money to poor children.

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