Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tree Pub

Some people will go to any lengths for a pint - even if it involves supping in a tree. This bar in the trunk of a Baobab has punters travelling from miles around for a brew. It has been created in a huge 72ft high tree in this garden in Limpopo, South Africa, to keep thirsty locals happy. But tourists flock to see the amazing bar inside the hollow 155ft circumference of the trunk.

The tree even has its own cellar, with natural ventilation to keep the beer cool. The huge tree, in the grounds of Sunland Farm, is so wide it takes 40 adults with outstretched arms to encircle it. Carbon-dating, which can determine the age of organic materials, has shown the anicent tree is about 6,000 years old.

"This tree is likely to be older than the Giza Pyramids of Egypt," said Heather van Heerden, owner of Sunland Farm. "It is phenomenal to have such a magnificent tree in your back garden. It is possibly the biggest living thing on earth."

More than 7,000 visitors from all over the world come to see the majestic Baobab each year and have a drink in its bar, which has four metre high ceilings and comfortably seats up to 15 people.

Even though the tree trunk is hollow, it walls are up to two metres thick.

"One year we had a party and squashed 54 people inside, but I wouldn't recommend that," said Mrs van Heerden.

She and her husband Doug came up with the idea of setting up a pub when they found a natural hollow inside the Baobabb shortly after they bought the farm in the late 1980's.


yellowdog granny said... cool is that?..

dom said...

I've heard they're going to open another branch nearby.

Anonymous said...

Dom, I HAD to leave you a note..... LOL....a branch near by! Hey, I appreciated your humor!

Anonymous said...

Dom...I just HAD to leave you a note...."a BRANCH near by"!? Heh, heh...I thought that was funny!