Thursday, December 27, 2007

Record Tube Travellers

The record for the most people travelling on the Tube (London's Subway) in a single day has been broken. An estimated 4.17 million passengers travelled on the network on December 7, compared with the previous record of four million on December 8 2006.

On average, the number of people travelling on the Tube is increasing by about 7% a year. During 2006/07, more than a billion people used the Tube - the first time the figure had been reached.

London's Mayor Ken Livingstone said: "The fact that the Tube is now carrying more passengers than ever before illustrates its crucial role in London's prosperity." He added: "Renovating existing lines and building the Crossrail will underpin London's economy for decades to come. The significance of that is shown by one simple fact - every day the London Underground carries more passengers than the entire national rail network."

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