Thursday, December 06, 2007

Signing Santa

Children tell Santa in Denver their Christmas wishes without saying a word and Santa understands as they communicate through signing. For 16 years, Cherry Creek Mall in the Denver area makes sure St. Nick knows every child's wish list by setting aside days especially for children who are hearing impaired, Denver television station KUSA reported Wednesday.

This Santa can sign, so he speaks directly to his visitors, not through an interpreter.

"I think all the kids have a fun time getting to come down to see the signing Santa Claus. They have an equal opportunity just as the hearing kids," said Mt. View Elementary School translator Marissa Bigford.

Instead of sitting on Santa's lap, the children sit on his sleigh -- some speaking, some signing and some bringing drawings of what they hope to find under the tree Christmas Day.

Santa also lets the kids know where they stand on that naughty-nice scale he has.

"I think I saw your name on my good (child) list," he spoke and signed to one tot.

There's a video HERE

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