Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vodka Eejit

German police said a man nearly died from alcohol poisoning after he chugged two pints of vodka because airport security said he either had to throw it out or pay a fee to have his carry-on bag checked.

The incident occurred Tuesday at the Nuremberg airport, where the 64-year-old man was on his way home to Dresden from a vacation in Egypt.

New airport rules prohibit passengers from carrying larger quantities of liquid onto planes, so police said the man downed the vodka and was quickly unable to stand or otherwise function.

A doctor who was called to the scene determined he had possibly life-threatening alcohol poisoning, and he was sent to a Nuremberg clinic for treatment. The man, whose name was not released, is expected to be able to go home in a few days.


yellowdog granny said...

what a dufus...if the world is lucky he will never drink again..

dom said...

Or fly .... they never mentioned he was the pilot!!