Sunday, October 29, 2006

Firework fire

Lac Du Flambeau: A man attempting to rob a fireworks shop on Saturday fired his shotgun, igniting fireworks and starting a blaze that destroyed the business, authorities said.

No injuries were reported at North American Fireworks, the Vilas County Sheriff's Department said in a statement. A 20-year-old man was being held in jail after being tracked to a home about 10 miles away.

The owner told deputies a male entered the business wearing a ski mask and armed with a shotgun. He fired indoors, and a shot apparently ignited fireworks, authorities said.

The owner was able to wrestle the shotgun away and remove the man's ski mask, but the suspect fled on an all-terrain vehicle that had been idling outside, deputies said.

The fireworks began to burn out of control, destroying the rest of the building.


yellowdog granny said...

this should go on the list of all time dumb robbers

dom said...

He's well up there hehehe
Maybe I should write a book about dumb crimes taken from my blog ?