Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nutter / bad parenting part III

A banned driver stole a police car and raced off at 140mph – while HANDCUFFED. Reckless Demitrious Nickoloau even switched on the siren and flashing blue and red lights. He steered with his KNEES when he had to reach across to change gear. And he kept ahead of ten chasing cop cars from three forces and a helicopter — for 50 miles.

Nickoloau scarpered after being stopped on the M1. He was at the wheel of his Ford Mondeo with his wife in the passenger seat and their two-year-old daughter on her knee, a court heard.
Fearing he would be nicked, the couple suddenly swapped seats — at 80mph. Police pulled over the Mondeo and cuffed Nickoloau.

They left him in their patrol car while they questioned his wife on the hard shoulder of the M1 between Nottingham and Derby. Nickoloau, 36, slipped into the driver’s seat of the police car — and the chase was on. He sped down the southbound M1, on to the M69 and the A5 and A46 trunk roads.He was finally caught when he slammed into a taxi near Coventry.

Nickoloau said to police: “I was left in the car, so what was I supposed to do?”

Prosecutor Anna Soubry told Nottingham Crown Court: “Officers estimated his speed on the M1 as 100mph. “On the M69 it increased to 140mph. When he reached the A5 junction he turned off all the lights but was still travelling at 100mph. He later joined the A46, turned into a residential street, crashed and was arrested.”

Judge Dudley Bennett said: “He could have killed many, many people.”

Nickoloau was jailed for 41 months for dangerous driving, stealing the police car, driving while disqualified and perverting justice. He was also banned from driving for six months. Is that all ?!?!?!!?!

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