Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No planning involved

Fort Worth -- Fort Worth police say a suspected burglar ended up locked in a liquor store he's accused of trying to rob.

They say 30-year-old Larry C. Bynum apparently entered the store through a rooftop ventilation hatch early Tuesday. Surveillance video showed a man falling through ceiling tiles and about 20 feet to the floor, where he lay stunned and nearly motionless for about five minutes.

Finally, he got up and broke into the store cash register, then took some cigarettes and tried to leave. He was stopped by a locked Plexiglas door. The video showed the man first trying to climb a display rack to the hole he'd just fallen through, but he fell again. He then tried to break the front door with a beer keg, then with a dolly -- but no luck.

Finally, the man just sat on beer keg, fired up a smoke, and waited for police to come and get him. They did.

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