Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just add jam

A seaside town was swamped with semolina after a factory blasted out two tonnes of the dessert ingredient. People living in Great Yarmouth woke up on Thursday to find their town covered in the fine white grain.

But council staff who tried to clear up the mess made the mistake of adding water - accidentally turning the powder into a slippery pudding!

The grain is thought to have been chucked out because of a problem with a huge container at a nearby factory.

A council spokesperson said: "It looked like there had been a heavy frost. Everywhere was just white, even the grass. We had 10-15 people trying to clear it up, but as soon as it got wet it became more of a problem."

The semolina was eventually cleared up and Great Yarmouth is now back to normal.


yellowdog granny said...

add a little water..some oil salt..ya got pasta mix

dom said...

They should twin with that spanish tomato throwing town